Climb up Mt. Fuji by electric assist bike

Mt. Fuji is the most popular mountain for international visitors to Japan.  In order to make its exciting tour plan for the visitors and verify the battery performance of our E-bike to climb from the base of Mt. Fuji to 5th step, I tried trekking of  "Subaru Line", montain road of Mt. Fuji on June 3rd.  The result was;


(1) Various scenes along with the route of "Subaru" Line were so magnificent.  Advantage to go by bicycle is to stop and enjoy viewing wherever you prefer while viewpoints for people going by car are limited.


(2) My E-Bike worked more than I expected.  For emergency back-up, I took one extra battery with me, however, just single battery could lift the E-bike and myself from base of Mt. Fuji at 872 meter high to the 5th step of Mt. Fuji at 2,305 meter high.

Time & Battery Consumption Record for Climb-Hill

Location Action








 Mt. Fuji Northern Base Parking Depart 7:54 872 100
Toll Gate Pass 8:27 1.085 90
1st Step Parking Pass 8:42 1,291 80
1st Step Pass 8:55 1,405 70
2nd Step Pass 9:11 1,596 50
Jukaidai (Forest View) Parking Pass 9:19 1,663 50
3rd Step Pass 9:37 1,786 40
Osawa Parking Pass 10:06 2,020 30
4th Step Pass 10:14 2.045 19
Okuniwa Park (0.6km trail) Arrive 10:44 2,238 9
Okuniwa Park (0.6km trail) Depart 11:24 2,238 9
5th Step (Destination) Arrive 11:44 2,305 7
5th Step (Destination) Depart 11:51 2,305 7
Mt. Fuji Northern Base Parking Arrive 13:00 872 30
Total Distance (Round Trip): 58.5 kilometer
Consumed Engergy: 250 Kcal

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Down-Hill from the 5th step

It took me about 3.5 hours to climb up 1,400 meters.  For the down-hill of the same route, it took about an hour.  Power recovery brake of the front wheel controlled quite well the bike speed.